8th June 2012

On the 8th of June, our management team set up a meeting with Mr Shaun Williams, CEO and Principal of BIS and disscussed/approved of us competing in the F1 in Schools competition in November.

22nd April 2012

On the 22nd of April, the British Consul General visited our school. He took some time to inspect our Formula One in schools project. The photos show the Consul General and Ms Anne-Marie Cowan (Head of sixth form), racing student designed vehicles down our test track. 

For the record,  Ms Cowan won!


10th June 2011

On the 10th June, five of our students raced their individually manufactured cars down our track. The image on the far right shows our winning car racing down the test track. The middle image shows our starting block, where the cars are launched. The final image is our team (from left to right), Mitali Sangal, Tom Beirnard (1st Place), Rowan, Nathan Van Slujs (2nd Place) and Sid Sangal (3rd Place). A great day of racing!


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